Services in Detail

Although this is an informal office, we take our work commitment to clients very seriously.  To help you understand the services, here is a little more detail.

Basic data entry book-keeping:

This is where you provide all of your receipts, bank statements and all the invoices you have raised to your Clients and we make sense of them for you, by adding them into a spreadsheet, known as the Cashbook and filed in date order.    We then follow this up by making sure that everything that has gone through your bank account is included. 


We raise your customer invoices on your behalf – and this is particularly useful if maths is not your strong point, if you have VAT to add, or someone has pressed the panic button!  Once complete, this will be emailed back to you in PDF format, thus ensuring it cannot be changed or altered if you wish to email it to your client.

Sales Ledger:

This service entails keeping track of all the invoices you have raised, the payments received and all money outstanding.  This reporting provides you with your business turnover figure and will also highlight customer payment patterns, which is doubly useful for negotiation purposes.  All outstanding payments will be notified to you on a monthly basis, further ensuring conrol of your own business.

Credit Control:

There is no point in working if you don’t get paid! Utilising the Sales Ledger, we are able to provide you with a monthly statement of outstanding items.  Furthermore, we will contact the Client(s) on your behalf, using a method of your own choosing, be it email/phone or letter.

Purchase Ledger:

I would make use of this if you have an account with suppliers, as it shows details of the purchased items and whether they have been paid for.  This is a very useful method of ensuring that you only pay what you owe and not a penny more!  It is also helpful in determining how much you owe at any one time.  Once again, this information gives you bargaining power when renegotiating prices and discounts.


If your turnover is over £77,000 per annum you will need to register for VAT.

From 1 April 2012, how businesses submit VAT Returns and pay HMRC has changed with virtually all businesses submitting their VAT returns online and making electronic payments.

VAT returns are normally reported on a quarterly basis.

For more information on becoming VAT registered:

Bank Reconciliation:

It is a test of how accurate your cash book is compared to the bank statements.  This will include ensuring that all cheques have been entered correctly and that all bank charges, interest and direct debits have been recorded.

The bank balance per the cash book is unlikely to agree to the balance on the bank statement at the same date, due to cheque payments and deposits taking a few days to clear.  The bank reconciliation shows how the difference can be explained.

The reconciliation should be performed at least monthly, to ensure that any errors are corrected as soon as possible.

Construction Industry Scheme:

a)  If you use sub-contractors, the following is a most useful service: 

We calculate the deductions on your behalf and report this to HMRC.   We also issue a statement to each sub-contractor.  We will also keep records that can readily be passed to your accountant at the year end, thus saving you more time and money.


b) If you are a sub-contractor, this is a very useful method of keeping track:

We will check on all statements due from contractors and follow up with them, where necessary, to check that their deductions are correct.  Once complete, these documents will then be kept on file ready to be passed to your accountant at the appropriate time.

Working Together - How do we get started:

We will arrange a face to face meeting where you can tell us about your business so that we can ascertain what you do or don’t need.   This is a free, no obligation consultation.  We will agree between us what needs to be done and how regularly we will receive the work and how much it will cost.

Ideally you will give us your paperwork at the end of each month – this is not compulsory but has many advantages – see FAQ’s.

If your filing system consists of carrier bags of receipts - don't worry, we can get them in order.   You can present your records in any form - notebooks, lists or bags of receipts and we will turn the information into a standard and recognised format.   Don't be concerned if you have neglected your accounts, as we can easily bring them up to date.

You can ring me at any time for a chat or for advice, if I’m not available then leave me a message or send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Working hours are Monday to Friday – 9.30 – 6.00